Slow Burn

May 6th - May 29th

Slow Burn

Trent Bryant, Othelo Gervacio & Carlos Valencia

May 6th – May 29th



Trent Bryant (Combee Road) is an American embroidery artist, currently working in Brooklyn in the medium of chainstitch embroidery. His work, constructed through a time intensive process, is achieved by operating a 100 year old machine, hand placing each stitch. In combination with an evident interest in lost Americana and contemporary society, the works often shines irony into territories of drug culture, religion and general white trash America.



Othelo Gervacio is a multi-disciplinary artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Gervacio is best known for working in ink and watercolor, illustrating dark imagery, lettering forms and satirical pop culture references. His body of work sits in a place where beauty meets tragedy and reality is distorted and deconstructed.  



Carlos Valencia “The primary motivation behind my artwork is to investigate and deconstruct the cultural, political and sociological information inherent in existing and commercially published images. From the iconic to the obscure I delve into the meaning of culturalised pictures from cartoons and photography to personal snapshots and text based print.”